Senjojiki (Yokochi Castle Ruins) (Winter)


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Friday, June 19, 2020

Coming soon!

Saturday, January 16, 2021

3 major points by Szupan

1. A quaint place where you can feel the history!

2. There are many walking courses, so you can enjoy it!

3. Don’t miss it because there are multiple highlights!

Parking and walking routes

It’s a sippa. Winter I came on the morning of January 16, 2021.

There is no sign of people at all! It feels like a secluded place.

The parking lot is visible in the back of the photo, and the building in front of it is a toilet.

I’m glad I was blessed with the weather! … So, let’s start the walk immediately!

Go uphill on the left and go to Senjo-shiki!

I came in the summer once before, but I felt that the grass was cut and maintained compared to that time.

The road was beautiful and very easy to walk.

My breath has started to go up a little, but I will climb more and more without resting.

After the stairs, you will arrive at Senjo-shiki. One more step! !


It was a place that opened up. It is called a pleasant yellow, or it is a wonderful color!

I looked in for a while.

By the way, on this day when it was warm even in winter, I was sweaty just walking on the slope a while ago.

Have a drink on the bench, change your shirt and leave again!

At the end of the video, I will introduce the video of Senjoshiki, so please ♪

Continue hiking

I’ll go to the back. It’s been a while.

Oh, I feel the atmosphere.

Parting road appeared. In the case of a car, it seems easy to return again even if you make a mistake, but it is important when it comes to walking, so I stopped and thought well.

First of all, I will go to the left! (Somehow)

Then I arrived at such a place.

You can see the stairs on the right. It’s like I can go up there, so I’ll go over here!

I was already out of breath here as to whether I was tired of the first slope.

It is a stairs so thin that only one person can pass, so if a person comes from the other side, please give it to each other♪

It’s a little bit to the top.

Top view

Quite a panorama!

You can see Mt. Fuji! Or you can see the river! I couldn’t find such a thing, but I felt that the nearby mountain and the set of plants and trees in yokoji castle ruins could not be seen elsewhere.

I entered the world of one person and was healed by slowly looking at the scenery!

By the way, the video is here. It was like this♪

Towards another farewell road

When I went back to the farewell road and went to the other one, there was a signboard of freezing caution soon!

Are you freezing here?? I thought, but it was hot on this day, so I proceeded without worrying.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? The road is also well maintained, and it is really easy to walk. Comfortable, comfortable♪

I was gradually surrounded by trees.

There were so many trees that it got dark.

However, it seems that it cannot proceed any further….

If it is true, there should still be a route, but it is covered with grass and the courage to proceed for a while does not come out. I had no choice but to turn back here.

By the way, this spot was a little before the dead end a little while ago!

It was written that it was one horse race.

I don’t know well because I don’t know much about history, but I used to walk while thinking a little deeply that people in the past often made various things in places like this.

Valley of Gold Ball Drop

I will go back to Senjojiki and head from there to the Valley of The Gold Ball Drop!

I’m short on how I walked, but I’m publishing it in a video♪

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It’s such a place.