Tsuruga pond

Recommended 3 points

1.Great playground for children near the pond!

2.Beautiful hiking trail!

3.Special cherry blossom viewing!

Parking lot

I missed taking picture of parking lot, what the heck!

But could you find “P”?

There is parking lot which can be parked 8 cars on the right side in this picture.


Could you read 鶴ヶ池?

This kanji means Tsuruga pond.

And the season was spring, so a few cherry blossoms were greeted me.

You can see the Tsuruga pond behind of playground for children near the pond!

Then let’s go walking around the pond!

Hiking trail

I found out a steep stairs.

Actually I hesitated to go a little, but I decided to move forward.

I was tired out after I returned to ground because I wore sandals.

I recommend you go with shoes!

Tsuruga pond

Bamboo forest road
The spring scene

Tea field

I found out tea field on the way back.

This scene reminds me I am in Shizuoka.

Rural landscape

I could see various views, so very satisfied!

Next, I will go to Okegaya marsh which is a little far from here.