Terraced paddy field, Sengamachi, is Japanese traditional scenery

Recommended 3 points

1.Beautiful frog chorus!

2.Clear water!

3.Vivid green and lovely flowers!

Need a car

You couldn’t go on foot since this place is far from a station.

If you don’t want to go by car, you can choice a train!

You can find this place between Kanaya and Kikugawa station.


I think you couldn’t find out the meaning of sengamachi.

Although there are various theories, one says that there were thousands of paddy fields handreds of years ago.

Sen means thousand, and gamachi means terraced paddy fields.

Therefore they say Sengamachi.

By the way, could you understand the meaning of letters in the photo?

I will explain a little!

スピードはひかえめに: Moderate car speed, please

せんがまち: Sengamachi

Paddy fields, Japanese traditional scenery

Water mill

I surveyed the beautiful scenery.

I could hear beautiful water sound and flog and bird chorus.

Go down the stairs

I’ve never seen such clear water!

This place has a lot of beautiful nature.