【You can go around】 Takatenjin Castle in summer 【Hiking trail with slightly higher difficulty】


May 23, 2020 (Sat)

Sunday August 9 2020

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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

3 major points by Szupan

1. You can enjoy a strange feeling as if you are away from your usual life!

2. The view from the top is exceptional!

3. There is also a pond a little far away, so it is recommended for those who want to walk a lot!

Shizupan Memo Memo

Petit Information

Parking: Yes

Time: All day OK

Toilet: Yes


Ease of use


Landscape degree


Access level



It is the entrance to the ruins of Takatenjin Castle!

You will be greeted by a quaint sign. If you go to the back of the photo, there is a parking lot.

It’s summer, so the rice is growing. There are rice fields all around.

It’s a natural tap, and it’s as if you’ve slipped back in time.

Parking is here

It is a large parking lot.

On this day, I came early in the morning, so there were almost no cars!

Don’t take a detour, go straight up!

It is a steep hill as you can see, but if you walk slowly at your own pace, you will be a little short of breath, but you can manage to climb it.

Let’s go while enjoying nature.

Crescent Well

Discover a crescent-shaped pond. Goldfish were swimming!

What about bait or something?

Take a break while watching the goldfish.

When your strength returns, aim higher.

Taira Baba

After another step from the crescent moon well and two steps, we will arrive at the summit, Baba Taira.

The place where you can rest is also alive and well.

First of all, let’s take a break here.

Summer exercise is irresistible. I’m sweaty.

Let’s worship the scenery on a summer morning!

It’s a pity that it’s a little cloudy, but the view is very good!

The wind blowing was also pleasant.

It would be great if you could see the crystal clear Pacific Ocean.

Continuation of the hike

When I looked around at the top, I found a way to go further.

Apparently we get to the pond. Let’s go hiking!

There was also such a bench on the way.

Perhaps because the surroundings are covered with trees, the state of preservation was better than I thought.

But let’s take a break here! I didn’t think so. I think it’s okay because it’s summer, but in recent years wild animals such as bears have appeared frequently.

I was a little scared.

It is a fairly narrow road, and there are not many people usually passing.

There were cobwebs here and there.

A tree branch in one hand was a must.


Was it connected to this pond?

The last time I came in the spring, I came to this pond first from the parking lot.

At that time, I couldn’t find a way ahead, so I made a U-turn and climbed Takatenjin Castle, but I could have walked the narrow mountain road that I walked today to the top of the mountain.

There were no people fishing here today, and I was able to take a leisurely video.

I’ll put it on at the end, so please take a look.

Well, it was a hike that left more damage to my legs than I thought.

It’s such a place.

I stood in front of the pond and took a full circle.

※ The sound of the wind may be noisy.

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