Takatenjin castle



Takatenjin castle’s hiking entrance is back of the road.

Can you see the small bridge in the picture?

At first, I want to go right!

Hayashi no Tani pond

Oh, it is local!

It is paddy field.

There is nothing building and so on.

Very quiet place!

This is the hayashi no Tani pond.

Someone did some fishing.

It was wonderful green color.

Let’s go hiking!

I could feel history from the stairs.

I think you might feel this is quite steep, but if you would go slowly, old man or child could go easily.

Mikazuki ido

This is. Mikazuki ido, crescent moon well in English.

Shape is like crescent, I think.

A lot of gold fishes swam in this well.

Baba daira

I went up more to go to baba daira, which is top of mountain.

Baba daira

You can take rest here.


Special view!!

Sea is Pacific Ocean, and big field is said Ensyu.

Kakegawa city, Omaezaki city and Kikugawa city..

There is a lot of nature!

Good place!