Special Spot in Hamamatsu, Sengan-waterfall in Spring


Path in front of the entrance

Oh, it is local road.

I walked here from Shiro kitsune Shinsui park.

I feel I can’t walk here during night.

There were beautiful river along the path.

This view makes me that I came to the mountain.

I went there early summer, so it is vivid green!

And there is camp field here!

If COVID-19 situation return to normal, I want to go there and do camping!

Then, there is Sengan waterfall near here.

Entrance of the waterfall

If you go to the back of the photo, you can find out the path to the waterfall.

There is camp field at the other side of this, but I through it.

Let’s go to the waterfall!

To the water fall!

I found the wooden bridge.

I felt it was cool!

If someone come from the back of the photo, it is possible to hit because path is narrow.

I felt bad because I met the people with bad manners.

I found the bench which is wetted, and the sound of water got bigger!

This is Sengan waterfall!!

Wow, it was a lot of water there!

Waterfall is said “Taki(たき)” in Japanese.

So you can say this place ” Sengan no Taki” in Japanese.

I upload the movie, so I would appreciate it if you would see it and feel as if you would go there!

Good place like this!

Extra. Miyakoda river near the Sengan waterfall