Fantastic view ,green tea plantation represented Japan – Sayo no Nakayama park

Recommended 3 points

1. Beautiful view!

2. You can see green tea plantation!

3. Old-fashioned shops are in front of the park!

Need a car

Everyone used to say that Sayo no Nakayama is difficult to walk over the pass together with Hakone in Tokaido.

You cannot go on foot because this park is deep in the mountains.

Sayo no Nakayama Park

If go up the stairs, you can see the marvelous scene.

If go to left, you can find out the information board.

In front of the road, there are old-fashioned shops.

At first, get up the stairs.

At the top, there are stone monuments.

It is difficult to stand straightly because of windy day.

Everyone could take a rest by sitting on the chair.

Then, I go down and find the board.

Mt. Fuji and green tea plantation

This view is the Shizuoka!

Green one right before is green tea plantation.

By the way, In Japan, tea farmer picks tea around May!

Walk around here with seeing Mt.Fuji.

Okami well

This is Okami well.

We could not look inside of it.

If you don’t walk all over there, you might not find out this.

It is difficult to go there but this is good spot for easy trip since you can go around quickly.