Okegaya marsh

Recommended 3 points

1.Healing sound of nature!

2.You can see various creatures!

3.Relax at hut!


You could find out this place after get off the bypass.

Tsuruga pond is 1km away from here, and you could arrive here around 10 minitues.

I found the board which is written so many Japanese.

桶ヶ谷沼: Okegayanuma which means Okegaya marsh.

沼とその周辺を自然環境保全地域に指定し保全しています: We protect this marsh and its surroundings as a natural environment conservation area.

I imagine this pond is filled in nature!

I went a little…

Beautiful yellow flowers and grass on left side.
Great marsh on right side.

I was very surprised because of no car sound here.

I walked a little more, and found the big board!

Okegaya Marsh

Go straight more.

Wow! I can feel natural!

This place is said to be poor drainage.

Actually, there were a few puddles!

That’s why it is difficult to walk.


I walked a little, and found this hut!

I could be relaxed to hear natural sound.

Tea field

Oh, I never knew there was a tea field!

I would like to go again!