Kawagoshi Ruins

Recommended 3 points

1. Nostalgic scene!

2. Quiet and calm place!

3. Good exercise walking from Shimada station!


Walking time: 30 minutes one way

Shimada Station

South exit at Shimada station

The convenience store, Seven-Eleven, is close to the station.

Let’s go west for the time being.

Entrance of Kawagoshi Ruins

←West: Fujieda, Kanaya: East→

After cross overpass, I found out the monument (Picture).

I get the feeling that Kawagoshi Ruins is coming.

Arrived at Kawagoshi Ruins

I feel as if I time-traveled to Edo period.

When people of Edo period crossed the Oi river, they rode on Rendai which is like carriage.

They could not cross the river by themselves because the river was very wide.


This place is near the Kawagoshi Ruins.

The letter is written on the stone, “This place is Kawagoshi open space.”

I’m sure that you can feel relax by Shimada rich in nature.