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6 areas in SHIZUOKA prefecture
We have four distinct seasons in Japan, and each one of them has its own characteristics.

You can learn Japanese culture and Japanese 4 seasons by reading my articles in this website.

Winter What a nice view! Mt.Fuji with Pacific Ocean from Shizuoka city / 30th Dec.2021

Spring Vivid green and beautiful view in Kakegawa city / 4th May.2022

Winter Pacific Ocean in winter in Hamamatsu city / 15th Dec.2021

Winter Nostalgic scenery with Pacific Ocean in Kakegawa city / 26th Dec.2020

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Shizupan introduces you the good spots where he actually went!

Chuen Area1

Tenryugawa, Toyoda-cho, Iwata, Mikuriya, Fukuroi, Aino, Mori-machi

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Okegaya marsh
Tsuruga pond

Tobu-Izu Area


What’s new