Ebina Falls (Winter)


Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

3 major points by Szupan

1. There are a lot of trees in the tea plantation on the way!

2. You will be healed by a waterfall that suddenly appears in the forest!

3. There are few people and it is my own space!

a narrow road

It is walking on a winter morning.

As I walked from Nakayama Park at night, I arrived at a place like the one in the picture.

Turn right on this road.

Continue between the tea plantations.

It feels like autumn. Even this is December 29th!

It was a place that was opened a little while ago, but when I noticed, there are a lot of trees around.

It was a little dark.

If you walk a little more, it is a waterfall. Try!

Ebina Falls

I came from the back of the picture.

Do you see anything like a signboard on the middle left? There is a waterfall in the back left further there.

If you go that far…

We arrived at the entrance of Ebina Falls.

It’s in the back of this, so let’s go!

Follow the stairs behind the tree in front of you.

Discover waterfalls!

The day before, it rained, so I was expecting a lot of water, but it was flowing.

Like when I came before, I was able to go sightseeing at my own pace without anyone seeing anyone!

It will be your own space. I wanted to go again!

It’s a strange place.