Magnificent scenery of Pacific Ocean from Benzaiten-park in summer



This is the entrance of the park.

Can you see the word, “弁財天公園”?

It is Benzaiten-kouen in Japanese. Kouen means park in English.

You can hear the pronunciation of “Kouen” which I say.

You need a car to go there because this place is far from the station.

It is inconvenient transportation.

Small Bridge

Let’s go to the park!

Before you arrive at the park, you need to cross the small bridge.

Sometimes local people cross the river by car.


Maybe someone cleaned up. It was clean!

And there was no garbage around there!

This is the real entrance of this park, I think.

Notice of the entrance was covered by grass.

I could not feel this park was not like normal park.

There was no playground equipment at all.

On the other hand, I could hear the sound of the sea.

It was very big sound!

Let’s go to the upstairs!!

Pacific Ocean!

I usually feel the Pacific Ocean is different from Sea of Japan.

But I don’t know why I feel like that every time.

I think if you see those sea by your eyes, you can understand what I want to say.

There was no person, so I really was able to take a breather.

This park is a secret spot known for those in the know, I think.

If you would like to know more, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for reading my article!

Good place like this!