About Delhi-log


The reason I made Delhi-log

Recently, everyone could easily find out the travel information or trip blog on Internet.

When you read their sentences, have you felt like below?

  1. I’m not interested in the blogger’s walking rout.
  2. I can’t find out what I want to know in this cite, I need to check some cites. It requires a lot of work.
  3. I can’t understand the good point of sightseeing spot after reading cites well.

I felt such things many times!

So I want to cover them by Delhi-log.

3 Policies of Deshi-log

1. Local raw information!

Owner, Shizupan, introduces you the raw information, which means that Shizupan shows what he feels and what he see.

Therefore after you read this cite, you can feel as if you would go to the sightseeing spot by yourself!

2. Easily understand the good point!

Shizupan explains 3 good points.

You can understand the spots well because you read the characteristics of the spot at first!

3. Simple and easy!

Shizupan categorize Shizuoka prefecture by 6 areas.

This site is very simple so you can easily find out the sightseeing spots by Deshi-log!


This site is Shizupan’s travel experience.

The spot changes over time, so I want to keep those information on Deshi-log.

I’m happy if you feel as if you would go to the sightseeing spot actually.

I want everyone to read this site and feel happy!

Thank you very much!